What Kills Them More Than Anyrhing!

What Kills Them More Than Anything? When You Go Out And Become Better Because Of It!

Starting to take steps isn’t good enough, what kills them the most is when you become better because of it. When you quit sending the stupid texts, worrying about what was and can walk right the fuck by it without saying a word, letting it all go. “Holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your head rent free!” No thanks, in case you haven’t been following along, there is already enough fucked up shit going on in my head, I don’t need tenants too! So the respect I want I must earn by restoring peoples trust in me and it doesn’t happen or go down this way, it fucking cant. The worst thing you can do is what I have been doing for about seven fucking months now, sit and dwell on it an woe is me bullshit, that don’t get it done Jack! And there is my little unidentified friend Jack again! Wouldn’t that shit be cool if Jack turned out to be Jack from Jack in the Box and showed up with 99 tacos or however that stoner commercial went? I have lived and wasted a lifetime in thirty seven years, but I feel I still have a chance to make it all happen if I quit being a fucking dumbass and knock of the lying and bullshit and just take care of business and everything that I know I can and should and yeah that is all, go out and kill them, go out with your head held high and find a way to make yourself better!


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