“The Past Is Calling, Let That Shit Go To Voicemail!

And believe me it will come calling, probably at the exact ducking time you don’t want it too! The iPhone had decided it has had enough of my cussing today, so ducking it is! Why not? I have been ducking my whole life and like Stiller or Vaughn said, ducking only works in dodgeball! Ducking and not dealing with it will seriously duck up your life, I am living proof it can cost you sixteen years of your life! I’m literally sitting around waiting, hoping and praying that past that looked past me and chose someone else over me too call! Are you ducking kidding me man? I think I better check my balls at the door and get fitted for a training bra, what a little bitch I turned out to be! I don’t know if the past is calling, closing on or about to end me, but it’s got nothing new to say, so let that shit go to voicemail or dwell on it for the rest of your pathetic life!


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