No Mistake Is Too Big!

I’m A Fighter, No Mistake Is Too Great To Recover From And Bounce Back!

“Hello world, yeah it’s me again back before you at your mercy on bended knee again. No running from the truth no matter how much we pretend that it aint what it is and then it hits CNN. APOLOGIES TO MY FANS AND MY CLOSEST FRIENDS For LETTING YOU DOWN, I WONT TAKE YOU DOWN THAT ROAD AGAIN! Most of you are saying now whatever here we go again, blogs, radio and television and now I am going in I laugh to keep from crying through all of the embarrassment, I have to say you fucking haters are hilarious! How dare you sit right there and act as if you are holy then thou point your finger now and looking down. Same clown that was twitpicing at my wedding on the same page disrespecting, wait a second, never mind my imperfections this is a fact, remember that, NO MISTAKE IS TO GREAT TO RECOVER FROM AND BOUNCE BACK! This was going to be such a good fucking post, but I got high. I was gonna fix my life right up, but then I got high. My girl I want is fucking another guy and I know why, I know why, because I got high! Wow, how the fuck did I ever operate like this before, holy shit batman; my friend literally gave me one bong hit to take home tonight because I have had trouble sleeping. I am going to say two months, maybe three but point is I gave it up for the negative effect smoking way to much of it had on my life. And spare me the it is medicine and all that bullshit, anything done in excess can be bad and ruin your life. Whether it is drugs or alcohol, or spending too much money on clothes or I could go on and on, but man this shit is a trip. I feel like I am another person and I guess in the end when you are high you are another person because you escape it all. But escaping it all only does one thing, prolongs the inevitable! I have to choose to fight, I have to choose to knock it all off, because if I continue down this path that I have chosen to, I am afraid that I may make a mistake that I just may not be able to forgive myself for and bounce back from!


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