Midnight Confesional!

“Crush The Glass With My Bare Hands And Swallow It!”

Yeah I have always pushed the envelope, done more coke, smoked more weed than snoop dog, 23 fucking supplement pills a day; yeah I am different fucking kind of crazy. I’m the kind of crazy you don’t want at your doorstep or standing in front of you, because the kind of crazy in this mother fucker nobody has ever seen. We aint talking about screaming in a huddle on a football field crazy, those bitches get to wear pads, this kind of crazy, is the kind of crazy that should be locked away in a padded room crazy. But sometimes you have to be that crazy and take a shot to change shit or you never will. Sometimes you have to ride that fucking crazy for all that it is worth! I can turn it off, I have ran from it long enough, I have had it shoved down my throat and had to swallow it one too many fucking times and my starring role as the bitch in this movie is about to come crashing to and end. I am about to slit that mother fuckers throat and watch him bleed the fuck out, I have to make sure he is dead and gone, because everything I was fucking sucked and I had to many doubts and to many missteps in the past, this new me has to be better and fucking crazier than before. Not ounce a night not sure how you survived cocaine binge crazy, the kind of crazy they can’t ignore, the kind of crazy that knocks down the fucking door and what is on the other side it trembling in the corner like a little bitch in the fetal position because it never saw what the fuck was coming for it. I let to many things stand in my way, most of all myself and tonight I realize it all falls apart, or it all falls the fuck back together and that is all simply up to the man in the mother fucking mirror. Things are starting to change and it is all up to me if I get the crushed glass shoved down my throat again, or as the song would continue to say “crush the glass with my bare hands and swallow it, and spit it back in the faces of these hypocrites.” Yeah all you mother fuckers running your mouth about me who weren’t any fucking better, not a part of the solution but just as much a pawn as I was in the problems of this world. It takes seconds to run your mouth and what the fuck comes out of it can change shit forever, are you swallowing it or are you spitting that shit back at all that shit that told you that you couldn’t? Or just fucking complain some more!


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