I Found The Strenght!

I Found The Strength!

I had too, I have always been the optimist and I always believe, somehow, some fucking way I will make it happen or I will survive it. I thought earlier today that I had found the strength to move past it, but I realize I don’t want to move past it, it is all I want and tonight I set things in motion that could change it all, if I have the guts this time to do what the fuck I need to do! Why is it so fucking funny to me and only me when I meow at my dog? I am Dierks Bentley drunk on a plane at this point and the way my mouth is running you would think I was the brown guy on the plane, all eyes on me! Oh what did I hit a nerve? You all are fucking liars if you say that you don’t look twice at the Middle Eastern guy getting on the plane, after a plane just straight the fuck disappeared in March! Oh my poor fucking dog, I can barely deal with me right fucking now, this poor bastard is just getting meowed at and ah hell man! So yeah, middle eastern dude, be afraid, raised the terror level and blah fucking blah! What strength did I find exactly? Oh yeah the strength that told me I better get the fuck off my ass and quit being content with these little victories in small battles, because the war I want to win is about to be lost and that is all on me, because I let it go down this way! But you know what? In these meowing moments, when the dog is looking at me like I have lost my mind, I realized I am that mother fucker. That mother fucker who could have it all, that mother fucker who when I walk in the room, every fucking eye in the building is on me. And I like that shit, I wouldn’t have it any other fucking way and by the fucking way. I am coming for all that shit that is mine and I am going to take that shit back and there is nothing that you or any other mother fucker on this planet can do about it, so choke on that shit bitch, this is my story, my ending to write and I got the strength to finish this bitch now! No Brown, A.K.A. Middle Eastern men were hurt during the writing of this post! And it can’t be racist right, because it is the ugly truth!


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