I End It, Or It Ends Me!

We shall see, but the point has come where there is no point to what I am doing, the end is now! Someone is about to be finished and we ain’t talking about that country with cute chicks! Continuing to do it this way is only lying to myself and wasting anyone who ever believed in mes time!  Same damn day, day in and day out because I am afraid of being exposed for the piece of shit I was and that is why it will end me, because I am worried about what was, not what is in front of me that I could have. I’m worried about everything that doesn’t matter and pissing away my last shot T everything that does! I don’t know what I want, because I go 99% of the way, but I never fully commit and that is why it continues to end me and why i continually fight myself and never get there! This fight ends now and it ends where it began with me. I can have everything I have ever wanted if I prove I actually want it and deserve it! The one thing I can’t do is point fingers and make excuses anymore, because I am just as much responsible for this as anybody!


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