Still Looking For A Why!

A why that I long ago knew the answer too, how sad is that? Fuck man I am sick of me chasing answers to questions that I already fucking know the answer too. You know why the fuck it went down the way that it went down stupid, you let it go down that way because you refused to change. You reading this and I writing this have the ability to be some of the badest mother fuckers on the planet if we choose too, ore keep looking for a why chasing ghosts from your past. Maybe ghosts are real, maybe they aren’t but chasing something you don’t know even exists is ridiculous, it is like chasing a past that gave up on you over and over again, but you just come running right back every fucking time to get kicked in the balls! How bad do you balls hurt now stupid would be my only question? And are you going to continue to let them get kicked. Two kinds of people in this world, the mother fuckers who get kicked and lay there and the mother fuckers who get kicked and remember that shit. Remember what it felt like when they had it shoved down their throat, remember how they were told they weren’t good enough. They think about it every day and then work a little harder every day because they know that they were good enough, the know that you overlooked them and they don’t give a fuck about why it went down the way it did or why you chose to kick them when they were down. No they don’t have time to worry about you at all, they remember it so they don’t lose that fire inside them and they don’t lose perspective when they get there, but they aren’t thinking about who and what did it to them, only fools give that more than a second thought! I know the why and I know which one of those mother fuckers from here on out I am going to be, how about you?


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