Piles Of Poo!

Nobody Wants To Stop And Smell A Pile Of Poo!

Well nobody but me Dozer dog, love the smell of that shit! Yeah and here we go again, my owner writing from the perspective of his dog, this little gem outta be fun. What are your motives? Are they true all of the time, or are they true when they are convenient? Funny watching from a dogs eyes as I do, how when it isn’t convenient, well I don’t even need to say anymore. The looks on all of your faces reading that just now looked about as dumb as I do chasing my tail! Why do I do that shit? Can’t stop it to save my life, guess it could be worse, I just look stupid a lot of you look far worse with the drugs you can’t quit doing. In the end if you choose to be a pile of poo, don’t expect anybody else to hang around, because that shit stinks. What stinks is missing the alarm and missing hours and inches and seconds I need to pull this off to fill this empty space that has become my life. What stinks is what I did to all those people who matter to me and what stinks even worse is me convincing myself this half assing it I am doing right now it actually trying! I could do a hundred times better if I choose to, but I won’t for some reason. I have all these visions in my head of how I am going to work and look into my eyes and I have no choice but to work harder than everybody else, but outside of the gym, I don’t work harder than anyone else and every single day I am closer to it all going down how I am terrified it will go down, because if it does go down that way, I go down with it, yeah guess the hole dog angle wasn’t working maybe I will take another swing at that one, but people want to stop and smell the roses and not the poo, so which are you?


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