What Never Was!

Controlling Your Own Destiny Or Letting It Control You!

You have control when the alarm goes off, when you chose to sleep through it and lose hours of your day, your destiny starts fleeting away. It didn’t want too, but what else could it do? You chose to lay there and that only works if you are a lab like my dog Dozer! Your destiny, the people you want in your life and the things you want in your life, they all want you too, but nobody wants to wipe your ass you’re not a baby anymore and people aren’t willing to waste their life waiting for you to grow up no matter how much they care about you, know that shit. Nobody is going to stand by or help somebody who won’t fucking help themselves, it is a lost cause and it will only take you down with it! The show must go on; my life must go on, so now I must turn out the lights. I must quit talking about it and actually give it up as I have let it run my destiny into the ground. I have to face the fight and I have to be stronger than I have ever been before, this time it has to go down different. Nobody holds the key to your heart or your happiness, all that starts with you and you my friends is all you got sometimes. Whether I am honest enough to admit it or not, I am not over it, it destroyed me in ways I didn’t know a person could be destroyed, but either way it was going to destroy me, whether she chose another guy like she did over me or not, I was heading straight on into a semi going seventy miles and hour heading downhill. I was full of shit again and I was about to be exposed again, so instead of getting exposed she chooses another guy and in actuality saved me, because now I have my chance and my moment and now I see certain things for what they are and what they never were. Pay real close attention to that last line there, it is a life changer. What matters and who matters will show their face and be there when it sucks and it hurts and you don’t have shit to offer them. What never was will show its ass and leave you high and dry, the one thing you can’t do is not see it for what it was and let it control your destiny, because you are the Captain of this ship!


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