What A Piece I Turned Out To Be!

What A Piece Of Shit I Turned Out To Be!

I am a pretty good guy, just don’t date me. Gave a kid 200 bucks at the gym today, food gift card, but same difference. Felt good about myself for a second and some of the things I do, do matter. Then just when I think it will change and I want it to change, I lead the lamb to the slaughter and the douche bag comes out. Oh your just being human and you are just being a guy is what they are saying, except I don’t want to be just a guy, I want to be the fucking guy. And I will never be the fucking guy if I don’t knock off these little kid games. Seems like I have had this conversation with myself before, because while I may be leading her heart to the slaughter, it is my life in the end that is actually being slaughtered by my actions. Yeah sometimes douche bags do get there, but they usually don’t stay there, nice guys don’t finish last, they take care of shit so they make sure they finish first, but I think it’s just some fucking game! Well what a piece of shit I sure turned out to be! I don’t have to be, but I chose to be and this is what my life has become. Sure I could tell her to quit sending me pictures; sure I could have told her the truth. Yeah I still have issues with that whole ex thing which I did tell her, so I am not available right now but I might be so keep fucking me because hey who wants to jerk off and then when something better comes along, just like the ex did to me, well that’s how you’re going to get done! Hell I could write a blog about exactly how it is going to go down! So I guess I am no better even though I am trying, so I guess we all have our piece of shit moments, and so I guess I better quit whining and worrying about what the fuck happened to me because its gonna go down for someone else real soon the same way and I will be the piece of shit perpetrator!


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