That Kid Rock Moment Where Only God Knows Why!

It’s not like I haven’t put all those who matter to me through enough hell, but I just keep on doing it! There is only one Superman and that mother fucker just doesn’t exist in real life! Mr. Bossworth said it best,”you are never going to make everybody happy!” You could cure aids, you could solve the riddle that is breast cancer and it will never be enough, somebody will always have something to say! Deal with your demons, because letting those bitches drag on will keep them around long after you wish they weren’t Mr. Cosby! I’ve begged God for answers, hit my knees pleading and praying with tears running down my face, and this is what I heard “you keep looking up, you want me to do it for you Bruce Almighty, you want to see a miracle, than be that miracle.” This shit has gone on for too long, a lot of the things I lost are starting to fall into place, most of all for the first time in my life I see that light at the end of the tunnel! Maybe God is the only one who knows why I did what I did, but none of that matters now, the moment has arrived! Be the miracle or bitch about why the miracle didn’t happen. Be the guy who they say look at what he did and look at what he was able to come back from! We are all able to do something, we all have a miracle in us, only God knows why some use it and some don’t!


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