What Is This Heaven You Speak Of!

What if I’m wrong? What if I’m right? Either way it would seem I am right. If he is up there and there is a Heaven like I think there is than I have one question. How ya living and would you get in with the way your living! Worse, what if I am wrong! What if it really is six feet of dirt a box and darkness? Would you waste another second of this life? I can’t be fake anymore, I can’t go on like this, I do believe so I have to start acting and living like I believe. God knew it was going to go down this way long before I did, I gave him no choice but to let it go down this way, my attitude sucks! Wonder what my attitude has cost me in the past, but I can’t worry about that anymore! I’m still trying to make it through one post without cussing! I can’t worry about it anymore, there is a plan, it happened for a reason and I have to get down to the business of living! I sat today in the pews listening to Pastor Minton talk about attitude and motives! He said some people give to get, they miss the whole point! What’s my point? Whether I am right or wrong about Heaven, let’s all assume I’m right. Let’s all assume you’re being judged and those who matter too you who are up there are watching! What would your motives be than??


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