It’s Not Even Close, My Best Post Ever!

That Look Your Dog Gives You When You Roll Around In Grass In Twenty Degree Weather Like He Does!

Why the hell not I figured, he does it so why can’t I? Are there any rules about humans rolling next to their dogs in freezing ass weather looking like fools? It was dark, so it wasn’t like people driving by could tell what was going on and if they could? Well it wasn’t like they were going to stop and try to talk to the guy who looks crazy rolling around on the ground with his lab! I just felt like it was holding me back and getting in the way! A friend of mine just gave something up and that is what he has said about what he gave up and I realize there is one change I haven’t made and if I have the guts to make that change, my whole life could change! It is the one thing that has held me back, it is the one thing that has kept all my hopes and dreams on the bedroom closet floor, it is the one thing I can’t let get in the way anymore and guess what I don’t want to let it get in the way anymore. I have let it win too many times in the last sixteen years; I will never let it win again that is for sure. It, no I have run myself into the ground and yes it sure helped, but I won’t deflect or duck, I did this. Funny the look on my dogs face now is, yeah right, you have done this song and dance before talking about giving it up and here we sit Sir. Nothing like being mocked by your five and a half year old lab, and hell he is probably right I should just quit now while I am ahead. Except I am not ahead! I am so far fucking behind that I may never catch up and I am tired of the way my dog looks at me. He is more disappointed than most, because I try to hide it from them, I don’t hide any of my ugliness from him. Why would I? Who the fuck is he going to tell and hell if he does tell somebody what will it matter at the point when I am making millions in Vegas with the talking dog act lol. What is my point? Take a look at your dog right now. Your character is in his eyes, what he sees is what you really are no matter how much you try to deny it and what he sees when he goes to bed tonight, I promise won’t be the same thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning! I always say some tacky shit right now like game on or game over, or it is do or let it die time like there ever was some fucking option! Tonight, I’ll let my dog have the last word. Dozer here, how are you all doing? Sniff everybody’s butt, so in the real world that means say hi and shake everybody’s hand. If you get caught sniffing butts as a human you go to jail and I am pretty sure if you are sniffing butts guy in jail a whole lot worse is going to happen to your butt, so let’s not go down that road. But be nice to everybody, why the fuck not? I shouldn’t even have to go over this one, but you idiots don’t get it and you call me a big dumb lab SMH, think that is what the kids are doing these days. Live it! We get 10 years maybe a few more if we are lucky, as I Dozer sit here and write this at almost six, my life is probably more than half over! While you don’t age that fast, if you are wasting it and not living with whom and what you want, then you might as well age like a dog too! It is only over if you say it is over and choose to quit. If you choose to lie down then nobody can help you and nobody will help you if you won’t help yourself. When you whine, or as we call it bark, you are going to get yelled at or ignored, because ain’t nobody want to listen to that shit! Bad shit is going to happen, but you live through the rain and the question will always be what did you do to fix you when you were standing in the middle of that rain storm? Did you let it break you and if you did, what did you learn? And if it did break you, are you going to go back to how things used to be or have you CHANGED! So here I am a five year old black lab giving you all that dog cocked head to the side look asking one question. What are you going to do now? Because we all know what you did and we all step in it sometimes! And if that pile you stepped in belongs to me Dozer, my badJ


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