Used To Be And The Powers That Be!

Used To Be.

Used to have faith in the powers that be, until I grew up and knew better, used to trust myself until I turned out to be the mother fucker who let myself down the most. “A wise man told me that holding a grudge is just like letting somebody live inside of your head rent free.” I used to let these demons and things I did live in my head rent free, but that two-day mishap of being a fucking pussy won’t happen again, maybe I am being a little hard on the beaver Ward. Maybe I wasn’t the pussy again, but maybe we all once in a while need to be checked, shown that the clock is still ticking and just because you are in the best shape of your life, and just because you got to hang with your family yesterday and your bf did call you a month ago, you have to finish this bitch. Because none of that shit matters if you let shit go back to how it used to be. You aint got time to be content boy, your still trying to catch up to being a man after all the shit that you did. But I’ll give myself some credit, I am starting to see how boys act and I am starting to see how men act. Boys whine about why it happened to them and why they can’t do it and men don’t say a word, they don’t need too. They go out and make that mother fucker happen, it is simple as that, No excuses or reasons why not, just action! Used to be you could walk down the street at night, now millions all over the place who weren’t there are destroying shit that doesn’t belong to them and hurting others in the name of racial injustice? Right that makes sense how? Worse half these mother fuckers doing it you and I both know are just there to be jack offs, they could give a fuck less about what happened in Missouri. Half those mother fuckers looked like little punks with smiles on their face because they got to fuck shit up. They are as bad as the WTO protestors tearing shit up wearing their Nike’s with their Starbucks in their hand, give me a fucking break. Oh-uh looks like the bad guy, the mother fucker who didn’t give a fuck that he fucked it all up decided to show up. And when that mother fucker shows up I feel like I can take on the world, the feeling in my blood I can’t explain it, but I got a question? Can I make this mother fucker stick around permanently? Because if I don’t and I go back to what I used to be, well fuck man I might as well pull the trigger I am already in the cross hairs!


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