Black Friday!

Black Friday! Deep Down.

Supposed to be writing about pain pills, penis pills and the cancer that is killing your daughter, but that piece has to be a game changer and right now my mind is not in game changer mode. Thanksgiving like the last five before it was going to be me by myself hiding from it all, I won’t go into the things I have done to my family, but let’s just say most of you couldn’t even imagine doing what I have done! Hell I don’t even know if I can imagine the things that I have done, but I don’t have to I did them. It was different this time, what I did didn’t matter anymore, because everyone does shit. It wasn’t the same feeling, the black sheep and the outcast label was shed, it was like I was part of the family again that I wouldn’t listen to and turned my back on. Some of the ones on this twisted journey that I have shit on the most and we were laughing and talking and shooting the shit, it just didn’t matter anymore and that’s the point. Face it and fuck it, because what you did is in the past and while it isn’t okay that I did it, I can’t do a damn thing about it except quit living my life dwelling on it. I walked back in that door and felt a feeling of peace I hadn’t felt in a long time, I also saw it in their faces, they could tell shit had changed, that pussy that did all that, that bitch is gone, because I may have 99 problems, but as I said that bitch I used to be will never be one again! You see deep down I have no clue what works, because I have never given anything else a chance, it has been my way, one hundred miles and hour straight ahead no brakes. Living life that way will break you in the end and it almost did until that phone call from my cousin came that was a game changer. Don’t wait for the phone call to be a man, you can start right now, you can change you this very fucking second. Stop playing with things that will get you hurt, deep down we all know what we should and shouldn’t be doing, so on a day you are supposed to be thankful I will ask you this? What has doing what you shouldn’t be doing cost you? And most importantly have you grown up and are you tired of it?


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