I’m Glad You Called!

I promise pain pills, penis pills and your daughter dying or cancer will happen and will be my best ever. But on a day like today, let’s talk about a Matt Kennon song, glad you called! I said last night how today would come and because of the choices I have made I wouldn’t be where I wanted to be, then came this. The phone rang and I wasnt going to answer it, when you have bill collectors up your ass you tend to not answer numbers you don’t recognize lol! But I made a choice this time, not to be afraid of any of it anymore, so I picked it up. “Our grandmother is 87 but you already know that. You have the same bday and she is fifty years older than you. Yeah that grandmother after all you have done who still says you’re the best birthday present ever! That grandmother who last Friday put her eighty-nine year old brother in the ground. Thanksgiving is at my house and it won’t be the same if we’re one short!” Then my cousin hung up the phone without me even saying a word! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, life is about having the courage to do what you don’t want to do. Facing what you did and in the end forgiving yourself and realizing this. Yeah I may have royally fucked it all up to this point, but I don’t keep having too……


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