I Gotta Do Better! People Are Watching And Waiting, Their Paying Attention Now!

And now they have forced my hand, what other choice am I left with? In the end this is what I asked for, so this is what I got. All eyes one and the lights couldn’t be shining any brighter, all waiting to see what the move is, waiting to see if I’ll tempt fate for that one shot. Tempting fate can fuck you in the ass and its scary knowing you have to push things and you may not be able to push them far enough! Gotta do better isn’t enough anymore, hell will do better isn’t either. No choice but to be bigger than all of this now, no choice because I chose to open this door. I don’t need to figure out my  way out of this mess, I don’t have to change a damn thing. Fools convince themselves they can’t do it and then they don’t do it. I would fall into that pussy category of knowing the way out, but afraid to take it! Afraid of what comes with it, afraid of being exposed for what I was! But I’m not afraid anymore, I asked God this, I wanted to be under the gun, I wanted the pressure of it all and in the end if I am exposed? I bet the mother fuckers doing the talking backyard is just as dirty as mine and I bet I don’t need to worry about then anyways! Come to think if it, I probably only need to worry about me and taking care of my business, probably a few more of us should listen to that little piece of advice! This much I do know for sure. People are watching and waiting and its my move to make!


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