Gobble Gobble!

Yeah I Got This, What Other Fucking Choice Do I Have? Happy Turkey Day Gobble Gobble!

Options aren’t dwindling at this point, those bitches have all but run out. The well has run dry and all that other shit. You killed a kid under questionable circumstances and your best idea was to give and interview saying your conscience is clean? I don’t take sides on things I don’t know the facts about, but the kid did reach in the car and go for the cop’s gun and as I said six shots is a bit much! But yeah when you’re watching what the idiots are doing all over rioting, lets help the cause by getting up there and basically saying I was doing my job. Yes you were, yes he attacked you, but sometimes it is better to bite our tongue at certain times and move on I feel for what the officer has had to go through and I feel more for the family, but when do we all realize it is getting close to the point where it all goes to hell and there is nothing that we can do to save it? Do we realize it when we don’t have clean air to breathe anymore? Do we realize it when we pollute and create a hole in the ozone layer that is finally big enough for someone to pay attention and do shit? I am not talking about a fucking study or sanctions or fines that the people doing it will gladly pay, because the fine isn’t shit compared to what they are making from doing it! In the end I have to realize I got this, because I am the only one who can save me, all the bullshit begins and ends with me, the life I want starts with me so what other choice do I fucking have. Oh I guess I could just go on and pretend shit is okay and hours after I wasn’t indicted tell people I really give a shit less. Again don’t fuck with cops, you go after a cop’s gun and you get shot, well! But I think in the end we all could use a little more common sense. Okay it’s a rap, time to go to bed as this one got a little off course goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. If you get a second between football and family, the one after this I am going to hit out of the park. I think I will call it “Pain Pills, Penis Pills And Your Daughter Dying From Cancer!


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