The 9 A.M. Game Changer You Been Waiting For!

Change Attitude, Change Approach, Change Your Life And Quit Waiting! The Game Changer.

Well this should be easy, I just have to change every fucking thing about myself. I just have to take everything that I have learned and done and throw it out the fucking window on a hope and a prayer that the other side will be out there waiting for me when I have to jump out the same window! I don’t know how much longer I can keep my head above the water, before I felt safe like my feet could touch the ground, but now my arms are tired and the bottom is just too deep. I see the life I have chosen moving on without me and it would appear that there is nothing I can do to catch up to it or maybe if I am honest. I am unwilling to give up or do what I would have to do to have it. I am unwilling to change my attitude and my approach and therefore I fear I may never change my life. I am waiting for it, going through the motions and doing some of the things that I should do, but it is like I am sitting and hoping she makes a move. I let my life come down to hoping somebody who chose guy after guy over me, would choose me! I put it all in their hands and I waited around hoping the phone would ring or a move would be made when all around me moves were being made against me and I was looking the wrong way. And now those moves and those odds have been stacked so high against me that I have no clue if I can get out of this one, yeah this one might end badly. But your attitude towards it sucks, you may think you have a good attitude, but how are you approaching it? Are you saying how bad it is going to be and how mad and bitter you are and how it was done to you? Or are you approaching it like people who get shit done do? Are you moving from it the second that it happens and saying it sucks, but it happens to everybody and maybe today wasn’t my day, but it is coming! Or are you sitting there for sixteen years now bitching about it and doing nothing about it and watching everything that was ever good in your life being sucked out of it ? Guess I have to sit down and have a little conversation with myself and make some hard decisions. This time the man in the mirror Michael Jackson I can’t ask him to make a change, I have to force his hand and I have to make that change happen and be that change or I will sit here drifting away waiting forever! If you take the attitude that it will never happen and you give it life and you let it live in you, if that is how you approach it then whats the point? Nothing will change, anybody can be negative, it is the easiest thing in the world to do next to quitting I promise you that. Not everybody can see the good in every situation no matter how bad and approach it with the attitude of there is a way I just have to find it, because that way, that change in approach and that change in attitude, may be the game changer! I wish I could make it easy, but I never do, I always have to do shit the hard way, but damn it change your piss poor attitude, change your approach, go after it the people who are taking what you want aren’t sitting around and waiting for it and pretty soon it might be too late for you to take what you want, tick toc mother fuckers! Done waiting for it, waited for what feels like fucking forever, today my attitude changes, I don’t have time to worry about the shit that doesn’t matter anymore, I know who rode with me and stood by me through it all and now about to come out the other side, I know who, what and where it goes down this time. And the bad guy, this mother fucker over here who has lost it a little after all the fucking shots he has taken, well he’s got a little surprise in store that none of you bitches ever saw coming! That’s what happens when you overlook the dangerous mother fuckers like me who got nothing to lose………


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