So I Go Too Church And They Win!

I live one way Monday thru Saturday and Sunday try to be better! Guess in order for my hawks to go to the Super Bowl I’m going to have to be next to mom every Sunday! Damn it, does that mean I have to start living the same way Monday thru Saturday? I don’t want to! “I can’t believe I fell for everything you were saying….and all to get your balls and dick sucked. I hope it was worth it. Thanks for taking away the little trust I left in you, but you probably don’t give a fuck!!! I don’t understand why you always disappear and ignore me when you know you did something shitty. And then you never explain why.” Yeah, how sad is that! Disappointed in myself isn’t even close and bottom line, I don’t want to for one reason! It means I have to admit I am no fucking better than what was done to me! I say I want to be better, but for it to ever change and for me to ever get there I have to decide if I am willing to give up the bullshit I should and start living Monday thru Saturday like I try to live Sunday…..


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