Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And It’s Starting To Smell Like….

Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And Smells Like…..

And go, my brain has gone completely off the tracks, A.D.D. has kicked in at the moment, what you can convince yourself in your mind can be a killer. One minute okay with it and it couldn’t affect you less and then a second later seeing something and snap back to reality Eminem! Fuck me man I don’t know where the hell I am going to find it but I need closure man. My mind is my worst enemy, it is the farthest thing from my mind most of the time and then you conjuror up shit in your head that isn’t even there and shit goes so far off the tracks man and there goes the whole not trying to cuss in this post thing! It’s like I am trying to walk through a brick wall and short of Jesus and ghosts, nobody is doing that shit so you have to find a way over it, but nope not this dumb mother fucker. I keep banging my head into the same fucking wall over and over again and wondering why the one thing I need the most, change has never happened. Really I wonder why shit has never changed. Yeah I even have to laugh at that shit man, how big of fucking joke is that man. Getting a little liberal with the commas my bad shit kind of goes out the window when the A.D.D. kicks in and I had to give up the one thing that kind of kept it in check. Lol how sad is that shit? The pot keeps it in check, but then the pot turns into and addiction and turns out to be worse than the A.D.D. ever was. Wonder what those pills you are feeding to your kids are doing to them? Wonder if you ever wonder? Guess we all have elephants in the room as we read this sitting next to our wife who has been loyal to us yet we are cheating on her. Yeah the elephant gets a little bigger when you tell your son to respect woman and then call his mother a fucking bitch in front of him, remember that shit, because she will and he will too! The second you do something that you wish you hadn’t and you know it has gone too far and there is nothing that you can do those are the moments I am talking about when the elephant is huge and the shit stinks! What am I trying to say? We all got shit to work on and we all could be better, but we can’t keep slipping up and we can’t keep looking the other way anymore, because at some point that elephant gets so big it crushes you if you don’t do something about it. Time to face your elephant and Monday is upon us and time to make the rest of 2014 the best of 2014 because it has sucked a fat one so far………


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