There Better Than You Today, Because Your Still Letting It Destroy You!

Your and afterthought and you let yourself become one. But their doing better and you’re not because your still thinking about it and they don’t give it a thought! And that is now somehow what I must do now! Shouldn’t be to hard, not give another thought about all the things I fucked up and move on from here lol. But this I can tell you my first Seahawks Sunday back, I can tell you what life’s about! It isn’t about running and being on the road trying to figure it out, fucking face it and figure it out! It’s about those moments when you name your first child, when she’s hurt and you hold her in your arms and make everything okay! When you can finally look those family members in the eye again like I did at the funeral Friday! It’s about Seahawk Sunday with friends and playing flag football at halftime, quit thinking about the could have should have or would of because all that’s doing is keeping your here while everything else around you moves on! So move the fuck on from this moment on and GO SEAHAWKS, we need this one boys!


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