Why The Fuck Not Me?

Why The Fuck Not? You Only Live Once, And Somebody Has To Play Superman!

I do it to myself, but it is who I am, I just can’t help it. A guy I helped a good kid, trying to make something of himself and struggling to eat, pretty sure he has to shower at the gym, saw me today. Hadn’t seen me in a while, probably haven’t seen him since the last time that I helped him, but I could see the look on his face, all of a fucking sudden I could see one other thing too. It was just never that fucking bad for me. As I saw the proud kid always with his shoulders back, always so polite shrug over and cower I knew it was bad. He said I know you helped me before and I don’t know if you can do it again, but I don’t have any food or money for gas that’s keeping me afloat to get to the part time job I have. He didn’t have the opportunities to blow that I did, hell I guarantee he probably hasn’t had a one of them, everything he has gotten in this life has been a struggle and I am struggling to get over a bitch that instead of love chose some douche bag whose mommy had a boat! What a fuck joke I am man, I aint Superman, I am a super pussy that’s what I am. Or so I would lead you to believe! But be careful, things aren’t always as they appear and you might just be surprised who jumps out of the phone booth to save the day. I got shit on, I aint got shit right now because I wasted it and felt sorry for myself, yet I gave him fifty dollars for gas and a 150 dollar gift card to a store so he could by food. Fuck I can barely eat myself, but I did it because you should, you should help when you can and fuck it if I really didn’t have it, I will find away, I always do and I may not be the most likely candidate, but I promise coming to a theater soon will be this mother fucker auditioning for the role of his life as Superman with one last chance to do something about it all. Why the fuck not? Somebody has to save the world, why not me? It is a slogan from the Hunger Games, but I saw it today and it gave me a little perspective to go along with this post. “The courage of one can change the world!” I don’t know if I will be alright, I don’t know how this ends for me, but I won’t be a coward, this time I have to courage to go and find out what’s next!


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