Nobody Had A Bad Word To Say

I noticed it when I first walked in and then I saw it in my cousins eyes! Staring me down, realizing I don’t look the same! Wondering if I had the guts to walk up and say anything or if I would skirt out the back when the service was over as I have done for years now at any family gathering! Challenging me to see if I still had what I once had I’m me and if there was any of that heart left! That heart that would have never let it go down like this, that heart that had pride and the Guy who when they were taking shots would have done something about it. He was taken aback when I walked up not looking at my feet and reaching out my hand! People respect you a whole hell of a lot more when you face it and eat it, then they ever will if you duck and run! As the mic went around the room I noticed not a bad word was said about him! It made me wonder what they would say about me? Has the good I have done outweighed the bad? Probably not or I wouldn’t have this million pound weight on my chest that I am carrying around! Win, lose or draw, I have to be all in, I have to face it all and take my lumps, I hid for so long that I finally realized today it only changes and it only gets better when you start to face it! Rest in Peace Harry, I hope your right and I hope your playing cards with God himself right now, 89 years went to fast and that’s the point folks, it goes faster than you think so dance! And if you don’t know what I mean read my post from a couple of days ago entitled dance!


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