Cheap Thrills And Mexican Penis Pills!

Cheap Thrills And Mexican Penis Pills!

Well this should be fun! As text messages come in saying I don’t want to be alone tonight, you should come over and CUDDLE! Right and every other time that hasn’t led to fucking and you wanting more and me still having unfinished business with my ex and you get hurt and I just leave! Oh these cheap thrills that in the moment feel great, but the moment leading up to the sex and the moment after I feel like the biggest piece of shit on the planet. Supposed to be better than this right? Trying to be better than you is the hardest thing in the world, and now my life has come down to cheap thrills and Mexican penis pills. Seems like you can get anything from Mexico man, my buddy who is a bartender hands me something that says Filagra on it and says pop this under your tongue and have the time of your life. Minus that whole four-hour erection, loss of vision and all ten other things the commercial mentions for a second after you see the fifty year old guy and his wife about to get it on! But yet we still can’t save a woman’s breast, but if there ever comes a time where my shit won’t work, well there is a billion dollar industry backing me up! There just isn’t any money in curing breast cancer, only costs, so why bother curing it at all? Cheap thrills are easier and hey just keep hoping and praying and looking the other way when shit gets bad like the rest of the world and maybe if you’re lucky none of it will come to your doorstep. But I have just one question, what if it does? Because when it does and I promise it will, the cheap thrills end, there is no quick fix pill to fix it all and make your dick hard in a half hour and the only thing that matters is will you be better and what are you going to do. Because everybody has already seen what you did and they know what you are capable of. So I just wonder if you quit trying to just get by and go from day-to-day, what kind of plan you could put in motion to change shit! One thing I know for sure, sitting here won’t get it done…..


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