“We Still In This Bitch!”

Tired, It’s Just Been Too Long, Time To Finish This Bitch!

Great song on one of B.O.B’s CD’s is called were still in this bitch. But we are only still in this bitch if we quit being a little bitch and knock off these little kid games and take what we want like women and men. Cher lied in that song we all sleep alone, someone, somewhere does hold the key to your heart, we all have that one person meant for us and I am afraid I pushed mine into the arms of someone else, but I will bitch about that another day. The change is where it is at and the change is what will define you and decide if you finish it or it finishes you. The war you have waged with yourself has gone on for far too long, and this is your last stand and the final battle. What are you going to do about it this time? Still here the Nike commercial with Earl Woods voice, after all the shit went down with Tiger woods. “I want to know did you learn anything?” People don’t want to hear your sob story, they have their own problems. People don’t care what you did, because at one point in their life they probably weren’t perfect either. People want to see and know that you have changed the people that you lost, they still care, but they can’t keep caring about somebody who don’t care about himself. Who has the ability to change it all and finish this bitch, but he wants to play small and act like it will all just work itself out! I got it shoved in my face and handed to me; I got passed over because I wasn’t ready to take what was mine. I tried to crawl back in the door the same pathetic mother fucker that I was, when everyone knows you have to walk back in a man stupid. But what it is going to take is changing everything, because that is the only way you finish this bitch, the only way those kids happen and maybe you get back some of the shit that you want. To many snakes and mother fuckers out there running their mouths that they are doing this or making that move, well I did all of this. I was the biggest piece of shit on the planet, I didn’t have to be, I chose to be, but I also a have chose to talk a lot of shit and make a lot of promises that I haven’t backed up and that is what kills me the most. The ones who stood by me and had to take shots and look like a fool because they believed me. They are as tired as I am of my act and it has been way to long, so for everybody who took shots I should of because you believed in me I am sorry and I am going to finish this bitch this time I PROMISE!


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