Look What Revenge Has Gotten You!

Look What Revenge Has Gotten You!

Wow, a perspective that I have never had before. After that little moment that gave me a whole new purpose that happened two hours ago, see previous post, it was a whole new ballgame folks. I have always been so angry about something, that tonight when something went down that I would normally lose it over, I didn’t. No, fuck I saw it for exactly what the fuck it was, nothing at all and it was somebody else’s unhappiness, it was my choice to make it my unhappiness. What point is there to life if you quit fucking with things that will get you hurt. Life is about taking chances on those things that matter and see what happens, not about sitting around and seeing what happens to you. I have been doing it all in the name of sticking it to someone and showing this person and I am sure going to fuck them and what the fuck is the point man to hold on to all of it? I am doing it because I made a promise to the most amazing six year old girl at her casket that I was going to be better and I was going to change things. I am doing it to show that I did care and I wasn’t that piece of shit and I will follow through, not out of anger or revenge, but out of proving to myself and everybody else that even though I may have forgotten for a second, I was worth it. And you are just about to see how worth it I am! Done with the talking and the games and the tail chasing, one chance to bring it with all I got, to leave my mark and to have the moment I keep talking about. All in, it might have been nothing, but I am going to look at it a little differently, tonight I got a sign from God. You see if I would have left when I intended too it would have never happened, but I stayed until halftime of the game. Hell I wasn’t even going to go to the game at all and at the last minute I did and because I did and because I didn’t leave early like I was going too, tonight I was in the right place at the right time and shit isn’t going to go down on me this time, this time shit is about to go down on the mother fuckers who shit on me, bet that shit.


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