Revising And That Blue Bracelet To Remind Me!

Gonna Take A Little More Than Tim Tebow To Save Us At This Point! That’s Why I Wear A Blue Bracelet.

Funny how that works, you can go through the motions, you can come up with a catchy gimmick, but in the end you have to be able to pull it off. Don’t get me wrong I love the guy, I am a huge Gator fan and the guy is a really good guy, but maybe you weren’t an NFL quarterback and maybe you should of swallowed your pride and you would be catching passes next to Gronk right now, but we can maybe ourselves to death we already know that. I’ve always been good at going through the motions, looking good and fooling everybody, but when the surface fades away, what is left is what sends people running. Because what is beneath the surface is the piece of shit that I have let myself become, I just wonder how much longer I can keep going through the motions. Yeah folks, fixing this shit is probably going to take a lot more than Tebowing, it is why I wear a blue bracelet on my right wrist that will never come off. As I sit here and write this staring at it, I realize it has all come down to a blue bracelet on my right wrist and a promise I made and have left unfulfilled! I made it about my broken heart and about my boo hooing bullshit because I didn’t man up so I lost it all, people lose it all the time and they shouldn’t, I definitely should of, bitches don’t get to keep what they don’t earn, they get passed over and life moves on without them. But while I was busy making it all about me and turning it into my little bitch fest I remembered what that little blue bracelet was all about. It is there to remind me of the promise I made at the most amazing six year old to ever walk this earths casket that I have to be better day in and day out because she doesn’t get to anymore and I have shit all over that promise, how pathetic and sad is that to say? Hell I am probably a bigger piece of shit in the last four years that she has been gone now than I was the entire time that she was alive and how in the hell is that exactly honoring her or respecting her at all when she was by far my favorite! Fuck man it is going to take a lot more than Tim Tebow to fix this shit, but it is why I wear a blue bracelet, to remember to hold on, I will live through it and some amazing people didn’t get that chance!


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