Game Over!

Don’t call me, hell I don’t know what even to call me anymore, but confused and past the point would be a start and who has time to boo hoo about how bad it is when a million other mother fuckers got it far worse than you do. How do I survive the horror of what I have become? Funny now though when I look at it the power I have and the power it had was all money and stuff based. It didn’t have any guts, any coward can make a buck, what you are when you are standing there called on it is all that matters now. It has been about time for a long time now that I do something about it and it starts with giving up what I thought I would never have to. I aint talking about some dumb bitch who dropped me for some Momma’s boy fuck whose mommy had a boat, I am talking some of the ones that are the closest to me. I am starting to see it for what it is now and I fear that some of my closest are taking me down and worse I don’t know how to drop the Superman want to take care of everything and make everybody happy act and get down to the business of taking care of life. It goes down one way or the other, but if I let the other come into play then it is game over for me and any shot at anything. How do I wake up tomorrow morning and leave everything behind and change everything? I don’t have a choice, so help please, any ideas? Hell I’ll even take and idea from that backwoods sleep with his sister Tennessee pansy Peyton Manning at this point. I don’t have the guy, I am just a Gator fan and it’s a rough year, got to have somebody to take shots at. Isn’t that how the world works? It is ISIS fault or let’s calls them ISIL today or it is Obama or it is the same fucking thing over and over again so how in the fuck do you ever expect it to change? So I want to take this time to thank all of you who have taken this journey with me or bothered to waste your time following me. But who and what I was ends here in this last post tonight, tomorrow November 14th it will all be different this person will be dead. This person when the clock strikes midnight in a few minutes from now will no longer stand I n my way and hold me back. Who I wake up tomorrow will break the rules just the same and push when he shouldn’t just like this guy I am about ready to lay to rest. But he will do it for the right reasons, he will quit chasing and he will stop playing with things that will only get him hurt. He has learned and earned every single scar along the way, most importantly; it is time to find another way!


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