If You’re The Only One Fighting!

If You Are The Only One Fighting, It Might Be Time To Give Up The Fight!

The lights are about to be turned out, all that is left is to put this bitch to bed, but what happens when you are the bitch? It has torn me apart; I have heard lately from other people how the same thing is tearing them apart right now too. It seems that we all, red, white, black whatever color whatever our sexual preference we all go through the same things in life. I guess what makes us different is some of us do something about it and some of us carry it with us and keep fighting a fight that we are the only one fighting and the other person has given up on a long time ago. Fighting for what is not there is one of the worst things that you can do in life, it will cost you years and it will cost you yourself! And here I go again about what I did and how much it cost me and it’s about as stale and boring as watching Peyton Manning talk in that sleep with your sister drawl. God what happened to me? I used to be on top of shit, I used to have a shot at it all and I fear I traded it in for a bong and a bowl and will I ever get back on my feet is all I wonder now. My world was shattered, It was like someone stabbed me in the heart and I lay there slowly bleeding out and yet still banging my head into that same door. A door that closed on me over six months ago and here I am still fighting that fight when nobody else is. Maybe I was wrong when I said if you still want to fight for it then you have to go after it. If somebody has given up on you, if you are fighting and nobody else is, then maybe it is just flat time to walk away and let it be. Never look back and decide you are better for the lesson, but fighting a battle against yourself that you will never win will bury you and I am already five feet eleven inches deep, so shit is kind of getting a little crowded around here if you know what I mean! Don’t walk like this, when you act like that, going to kill the next one, tune in about two hours from now!


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