The heart won’t lie!

It was one of my moms and my favorite songs growing up. We used to listen to Reba and Vince sing it any chance we got! And awe how fucking cute is that shit, little did I know twenty years down the road the words in that song would echo my life! I can’t lie about it anymore one day over it the next day thinking I can’t live without it, the heart won’t lie, so listen to it. No matter how pissed off, angry and bitter I want to be about it, I did it. It went down the way it did because of my actions and I have nobody and nothing to be mad about. I had chances to stop it and didn’t, I stood on the tracks and have gotten ran over and replaced over and over again in this life. But it isn’t about what I want, the heart not lying or me crying about what I did. It’s about one thing now as I still sit on the Idaho and Washington border, do I have the one thing in me I have never been able to find before? Will I cross that line and find the guts to pull the trigger on the last bullet I have in the chamber or will I just keep talking about it……


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