Theres Gotta Be A Better Way!

There’s Got To Be A Better Way!

Tempting fate only gets you farther from where you are supposed to be don’t it? What if I have looked at it all wrong? What if everyone does it different and the point is getting there right? I have seen one in the morning which it is now approaching far too many times. The best sleeping pill in the world that puts and end to the A.D.D. and all the sleepless nights is having the one that matters snoring on your chest with two dogs on the floor snoring away it are the best sound in the world. Never thought I would say that, snoring drives me nuts, but that snoring was the most peaceful sound in the world I could sit there for hours listening to it. There has to be a better way, my way is by the seat of my pants pull it off at the last second it all has to fall apart to fall together and that is fine as long as I get there, but at the moment I am getting nowhere fast. I want to walk back in who I could be, because if I do that, I can take back everything that I want, I can fix this shit I know I can. I want family, I want what matters, I have possibly now spent more of my life wasted and chasing then I have living it and having the things that I want. The things that I want elude me because of the inaction I have taken and tonight that just isn’t good enough, there has to be a way to fix this, there just has to be a better way. And Right now I need to put this one to bed, this post sucks, got to figure out a way to not be stale and wake up tomorrow and figure out way out, some kind of plan, I guess a better way if you will!


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