My Dog Is Cooler Than Your Dog!

I let everybody else’s problems become my problems and the problem with that is, there’s only one Superman and last time I checked I don’t look so hot in tights! Captain save a ho as my friend used to call me, always wanting to save the day and fix shit, fuck I can’t save and fix myself at the moment! Sitting in my car trying to sleep last night in Idaho, I started shaking and I knew why. I drink really expensive Bourbon now and I’m going to make 200,000 dollars and I’m this and so what I fucked him and why does she still cut me to the bone? The only conclusion I can come up with is in the end I beat myself and there is nothing worse I promise you that. I didn’t lose because he was better at anything I lost because his mommy had a boat and I didn’t have my shit together, and shit this sucks! But for the first time in my life I finally see what a blessing in disguise it was for it to go down this way. If I had got what I wanted I would be miserable, because what I wanted couldn’t have been more wrong for me and cared way more about things and an image than it ever cared about me. Situations change, life can change, but that saying just might be true, a tiger never changes its stripes, and if you look at the state of our world, it would seem people rarely change….


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