501, And We Ain’t Talking About Jeans!

501 And We Ain’t Talking About Jeans, It Better Pack A Wallop!

Can’t go back the same way I got booted out, already tried and failed at that miserably, so tired of saying what now and what next. I don’t have the time for that anymore, I think the post after this one that I have already written will change your life. I think a lot of things, I have a lot of good people around me, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was and I made it in my head and now what is in my head is when! When have I had enough? Because the second I have had enough and knock off the bullshit, I can go back in packing a wallop. I can turn heads and I can make them all have that oh God what the fuck was I thinking look at him now moment! Monsters are real and ghosts are real too and I can prove it. I let myself become a real living monster and I have been chasing ghosts of my past for far too long and it has lead me to one conclusion. Be yourself, shit is easier that way, give up what you should and if you give something up or change make sure it is for the right reason not because somebody is trying to put you in their box, because chances are that their box sucks and who wants to be put into a box anyway? What you do with all that anger and bitterness is what you become. It makes you or you start heading back across the county at thirty seven still not knowing what you are chasing and still no closer to finding any of the answers you have been looking for. Not sure if you can pull this off, but never doubting it, because the second that you think that you can’t do it is the second that you can’t! I’ve played a dangerous game with my life for far too long and the post I will publish after this one gave me a whole new perspective on my life and what I am capable of and just how much of a gift life is. I don’t know what the hell I want anymore, but I know that I have had enough of all of this and I am done losing. I have lost over and over again, but someday soon those loses will be the reason why I succeed, now it is all about how bad that I want it! I have to wrap this one up and I have to get some sleep, I have to find a way to comeback packing a wallop and I better figure it out soon, because I am on my way back and there is no turning back now!


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