They Pur On A Show! and Fucking A Girl In Ohio!

They Put on a Show and Fucking a Girl in Ohio!

But the show must go on like the song says. Sometimes when you look at it and see what you spent your time on, what a shit show man, I turned my back on myself when I needed myself the most! I now represent everything that I have taken for granted, but new plan somehow someway and I can’t explain it, it hasn’t finished me yet and I don’t think it ever will, the post after this one will be my best ever by far so read it if you get a chance, that also means this one will probably suck and you will have to suffer through it. Shit happens deal with it, I have to and so do you. I will get to the put on the show part, but meeting a girl in Ohio tonight at a gym and we get to talking and she takes me home. Why not, been two months and I could use a shower that isn’t in a stall at the gym and a bed. Right and as soon as you say why not you should probably not do it, but we are all human right, or at least that is what you are supposed to say. So in the middle of what I knew was going to happen, guess who at thirty one lives with their mom! Yeah, hadn’t been caught having sex since I was sixteen so oh say twenty one years ago, God did I just say that! How depressing is that? Nope, check yourself before you wreck yourself Ice Cube, this is the best day I have had in a while, nothing is going to make me forget that! Did I just go from getting caught having sex with some chick by her mom in Ohio to and Ice Cube reference wow I am going to just keep typing and see where we end up here whatcha think? I have no clue about the show part I was talking about in the title, but I see tomorrow as one of the best days ever for me and the post after this one will be my best ever I promise, so tune in and tune out the bullshit and lets figure this bitch out and make it a better place. I got a few promises left to keep that I should have paid a little more attention to and now I get one shot to fix it all, bet on the underdog this time for sure.


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