I’m The Guy You Want To Bet On!

I’m The Guy You Want to Bet On!

I always have been and I have always known it. But as I look around me, I have always been the guy who wants to put it on his shoulders and try and play Superman and there are a lot of people right now counting on me to pull it the fuck off and quit talking about it. I hold the key to this, I was looking to fix me in a woman and in a bottle and a bong, but in the end the key to it all was figuring we all have faults and we all make mistakes we must figure out ways to work around them. You see I somehow always seem to figure a way out when a lot of people can’t, I am one of those who will see a way when there just isn’t humanly a way possible, I guess I look at things a little differently, but we all got to have hopes and dreams and something to believe in don’t we? The one thing I know for sure is that so many things come and go, so be true to yourself, make yourself the guy or girl that they should bet on and then if they pass on you like Russell Wilson burn them with a ring and win the right way and show them you were worth the bet. You were better than the house and you were worth the risk and they should have taken a chance on you. The only way you are a losing bet is if you chose to be, if you lose that fire in your eyes, that is what they can’t take away, never let them see the hurt and never let them take away the fire in your eyes! Life is too short and too much bad shit is going on to live life without any fire or passion, bitches live that way so it might be time to grow a pair! You can’t turn back time and fix what you did, there is this moment and from here on and that is it. It kills me and it hurts and it might for a long time, but it might be time to jump back on the horse and do something about it. It might be time to quit hiding out in a car now back in Ohio, when what I want and all the answers are back home in Olympia. Maybe I can reach the starts, maybe I never will, but maybe will never be a part of my vocabulary again, so place you bets ladies and gentleman, but be careful, I have inside information that a dark horse is going to come up the winner!


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