Enough Is Enough!

Enough Is Enough

Enough of my bullshitting and lying trying to make myself feel better and just trying to get to another day, enough! Enough of me trying to convince myself that it really isn’t as bad as I think it is, because it is, probably worse. Enough of this I can probably have it if I do it attitude, but I have time and maybe I can’t do it so be afraid of that. Enough of fear, my entire life there has and will continue to be something to fear, fear has and enemy too and it is me and you! And I know that is not proper English, but it works better that way so work with me here. And I get it you should type properly and not butcher language, but get a life if you are really wasting yours sitting around pointing out peoples every little mistake, because you aint fucking perfect either Jack! And who the fuck is Jack anyways? Spare me the talking antenna ball speech; we were saying things like you don’t know jack long before jack was ever invented! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah not enough is enough like the T.V. commercials they are airing now when it is been going on for years. Enough of your fake bullshit, people turn their nose to issues that matter all the time. The only reason the NFL cares now is if they didn’t it would affect their bottom line and they know it. MLB didn’t do shit about their steroid problem, they ridiculed the only guy telling the truth, Jose Canseco and I get it, he is a d-bag so you should question him, but finally after all the shit hit the fan and they were worried about saving face, saving fans and not losing money did they finally start to pay attention. Really guys you didn’t know? Barry Bonds went from looking like Gumby to Superman overnight, right that shit happens naturally. Enough is enough of the turning our head and thinking that if we don’t see it that it isn’t real or it isn’t happening. Because what is happening is us wasting away, so enough is enough. Sorry it’s late I got A.D.D. and it is cold in this car getting pelted by rain tonight, so this one got a little of track. The next one will be worse, trying to beat you!


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