Top Ten Post Mr. Letterman!

So you’re going To Sit Here like A Pussy and Whine About it? Okay, Cool! Yeah This One Will Make The Top Ten Post List Mr. Letterman!

Guess what Jack? Life is going on whether you like it or not. Guess what? The kids he shot in my home state on Friday were his friends! So I just can’t figure out since nothing is promised, why I keep breaking promises to myself! Why in the end I keep having a chance to be the hero, but instead of running like that teacher did at the gun, I turn tail and run. This time there is simply nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, I am out in the open exposed. I kind of like it, because what scares me more than not figuring it out, is going back and facing it without figuring it out. Don’t know how I ever thought it was okay to let this life slip away, it is the only one I got. And let’s face it, I am a realist. I believe in God, Therefore if I believe in God I too must believe in Hell and with what I have done there is no guarantee for me that is for sure. My Mother without a doubt will get in, but we are judged on our actions not our intentions. We aren’t judged on the things that don’t matter the stuff as we are the kind of person we were. Throw your Dad or Grandma in the car and hit the road and do something fun before you can’t because they are in the ground. There are things you are taking for granted right now as you read this that soon you won’t have to take them for granted they will be gone. You can’t keep acting like you want to be better one minute and tell the truth and then the next second slap that truth in the face. I can’t sit here and keep saying I am tired of hurting people when I know this very second I am hurting people and if I was just honest, one thing I have never been really all that good at. Man I don’t even have to ask anymore why I was done the way I was done, God was trying to teach me a lesson and still six months later after the fact I haven’t figured a fucking thing out. Except that I keep doing it over and over again and I writing this and you reading this can tell me how well that shit works out. God I will be feeling this tomorrow, but I am tired of accumulating battle scars when I should be winning the battle, there is nothing wrong with losing we all do. But losing the same game the same way over and over again, you become the Bungling Buffalo Bills! Some of you will get that and some of you won’t, but in the end you can’t just show up, you got to show up and bring it. And more importantly you wanted to sit there and whine like a little pussy and what has that gotten you? Silence? Oh whats that you say? Nothing? Yeah because that is what sitting around like a little pussy and whining about it has got you, nothing. It’s about to be different, it is about to go down and shit is about to kick in, I think I got it figured out this time, and even if I don’t, I AM GOING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY!


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