I Hate Everything About You!

I Hate Everything About You!

I hate the cancer that took my dog at seven and the blood cancer that is now taking my friends dog at five when that dog is all she has to hold onto at this point. Her life even with me sleeping in my car last night and on the road for a month now is far worse than mine. I know the feeling she is facing this week putting her best friend down, the one that carried her. I will never forget what it felt like when I was holding Gus in my arms and the last gasp he let out as he went. It killed me, a part of me for sure died that day and what killed me more is what I could have done to prevent it and didn’t, yeah Coby Thomas I hate everything about you. I hate the cancer that took my Grandfather, I hate the people who take advantage of vulnerable eighteen year old girls and strong-arm them into prostitution. I hate the child molesters hiding in the shadows and I hate that we try to treat them. Whatsthe point? I hate the fact that we give mother fuckers who can look at a six-year-old like that the benefit of the doubt. Where is the benefit of the doubt for that six-year-old kid who won’t get breakfast or lunch and can only hope for a shot at dinner? I hate that a family can’t afford to go to a sporting event because of what we are paying these assholes only to watch them beat up woman and juice up on steroids, and I am the biggest sports fan out there. I hate how they only addressed the problem after the fact, yeah you all knew what was going on, you were too busy lining your pockets with the revenue. I hate how this country tries to cover it up and then just like the NFL only deal with it when it shows its ugly head. I hate that all countries have let it get to this point and I hate myself for the inaction I have taken and you should too! I guess I could go on with what I hate and what is making this world ill, but the one thing I love? I just woke up on Monday October 27, 2014. You know what that means? I get one more day on this Earth to do something about what I did and to make a difference and change everything I hate about you and me!


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