To All My Fans!

To All My Fans!

To all the ones who took shots at me and told me I couldn’t. For the ones who told me they would be there for me and lied to my face and stabbed me in the back. The ones that kicked me when I was down and told me I wasn’t worth it, thank you, to all the ones who doubted that I could pull it off. You made me, you pushed me to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and the only choice left was action. Keep talking, I hear every single word your saying. And no it doesn’t make me a little pussy or a bitch because I didn’t react this time, I care, but this time I chose to handle it like a man. Anybody I have found can do it the wrong way, the wrong way is easy. No this time I am going to handle my business and do it the right way. I kept saying in my head I wasn’t seeking vengeance and revenge was for fools, but what was burning in my heart was telling and entirely different story than the one that my head was telling! So go out and have a coke, yeah not a diet coke with all the shit in it that is worse than the sugar. Aunt that a bitch? A lot of the stuff that is supposed to be better for you is worse than the shit they are trying to make it better than or healthier than if any of that makes any fucking sense and I can tell where I am at, here we go. I did it, you told me not to and I sure as hell wish I had listened as I sit here probably a month into sleeping in my car. But what can I do about that? What can I do about a past that I fucked up? Oh yeah I can change it all and go back to Olympia what I should be and then we will see what my fans have to say then. Yeah, I got to figure this thing out, with vengeance and hate still in my heart I will never pull it off, I will remain the same bitch they say I am. Real men and woman realize they get shit on and they deal with it and move on, the only person who loses when you hold on to anger and bitterness is you and you become angry and bitter and no good to yourself or anyone else! So to all my fans I apologize I wasn’t better and I will see you all real soon. You know what you said and did, and so do I. What’s the point in bringing it up now? Old wounds leave scars, no need to open a scar, but when you see me this time, look into my eyes. You won’t see what you saw before, the fear is gone and by the time I make it back home the bitterness and anger will be gone to and I will have found a way out of this bitch. What choice do I have? Because all of my fans are right, I got myself into this bitch and wasting any more time pointing fingers or worrying about why it happened will sink me and is exactly what they are expecting of me! So to all my fans, I apologize this one last time. Pretty soon you aren’t going to have anything to say or talk aboutJ.


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