Time To Clean House!

Time to Clean House!

It was past dirty and cluttered a long time ago, all of the crap I let build up like a hoarder! What made a kid overnight snap and go from so much hope and potential to writing things like this. ““It breaks me. … It actually does. … I know it seems like I’m sweating it off. … But I’m not. … And I never will be able to. …” he wrote on Oct. 21. “I should have listened … you were right. … The whole time you were right.”
On Thursday, he wrote his final Twitter post: “It won’t last. …It’ll never last.”
And the fucking idiot who said he didn’t look like and wasn’t your typical trench coat introvert, GET A FUCKING CLUE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. It isn’t the fucking gun; it isn’t because the kid wore a trench coat because kids at Columbine did that, give me a fucking break. Stop looking at a type, because there is no type, now some people are saying he was bullied and that is a real problem, but he was also homecoming prince I wasn’t and he also shot his cousins for fuck sake, let’s not type it and let’s get down to fixing this. If you are reading this right now and you have kids, how much longer do you think we can let it fall on deaf ears before you turn on the news and it is your kid’s school? I got a whole lot of crap to get rid of and I got one shot to make a difference and this time it is my last shot. It is time to clean house, it is time to get rid of what needs to be gotten rid of and it is time to make something happen while I still can. I don’t fear Ebola, ISIS or kids shooting up a school, what I fear far more than that is us letting it happen over and over again, us not learning. I don’t know what makes kids do the things they do, I was picked on and kids got it worse than me, but nobody shot up the school, but this much I know for sure. The handicapped kid, the guy in the wheelchair the kid who I gave shoes to who looked like he was at the end of his rope and it put a smile on his face, those things matter, keep doing them. Not saying it would have mattered, but maybe someone saying how is you today, shaking his hand and saying it is good to see you man, even a smile sometimes is enough to change someone’s day or entire outlook, remember that. And again I don’t know her name, but the teacher who ran at the gunman, heart and courage something we all need a little more of it would seem, thank you for saving the lives that you did!


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