Sorry, I Just Don’t Have It In Me To Lie Down Anymore!

Sorry, I Just Don’t Have It In Me To Lie Down Anymore!
Fourteen years old killing himself and others over what rumors are saying is a girl potentially! Whatever it is, guns have been around forever, and kids haven’t been rapidly shooting up schools forever. Yeah my generation had Columbine, but this is past the point ladies and gentleman. Top stories on CNN app, “Homecoming prince opens fire at school, 2 California deputies killed in shooting, UVA student Hannah Graham’s remains identified and NY woman back from Africa, isolated with fever!” What is the fucking answer to the problem? We can’t ignore it anymore, from all accounts this kid wasn’t bullied and I had my heart ripped out and stomped on. I was supposed to marry her and she told me there wasn’t a more perfect guy for her and we were picking out kids names right up until she started fucking some guy whose mommy had a boat. It killed me and I lost it for sure, but not for a second did I ever think about killing somebody. Sure I called her names, sure I lost my cool and wish I hadn’t shown my ass, but how do we fix us I think is the only question we need to be asking ourselves right now. There is no pill as Garth Brooks said that can fix what is making this world ill. We are all responsible for what is making this world ill. Too much hate and too much not understanding that is our problem, fuck it I will say it Garth is right, it is people loving people. People used to care, people used to give a shit, but now we fear what we don’t understand and we have been scared since time began that song would go on to say. Fear, four little letters that change everything. But what do we fear? Fuck do we even know what we fear anymore? I feel for those families, but how do we stop it? If it was a girl, I am just not wired that way I don’t get it. I have been crushed, who the hell hasn’t been dumped and shit on by somebody they were so sure wouldn’t do it? So how does he go down this path? I was picked on, I was fat and I sure as hell wasn’t ever on the homecoming court. Weak people? I won’t take that shot, because I know what it is to be weak I know how bad it hurts, but what do we do? We can’t keep doing this and I am sorry, I just don’t have it in me to lie down anymore. I am mad, pissed the fuck off on a daily basis it is Ebola or a kid shooting up a school or cops shooting someone or getting shot or now it is fucking ISIS, ahh when the fuck do we stand up and make a difference. When do we put a stop to this bullshit? And don’t look left or right, we have done that too much, it is now time to look straight ahead in the mirror. This road we are going to have to travel to fix it is going to be a bumpy one, but don’t we have to go down it? The other option, well there just isn’t any other option, so follow me!


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