And Another One

How About You Save Your Facebook And Twitter Posts, And Wake The Fuck Up!

It starts with you and me. And while I may be almost entirely across the country from my home state, what went down in Washington today kills me. There is no end to this in a bottle, whether or not it has pills or booze, this is our fault. This is us hating and not checking ourselves and not doing something about it while we had a chance. There is no right or wrong answers this time, just unanswered questions, hell he shot up his family. He didn’t shut up the jocks or the bullies, he shot his cousins or at least two of them were his cousins. So save your fucking facebook and twitter posts and wake the fuck up and do something about it. Maybe it is time to have a little guts and courage like a teacher in that cafeteria did who ran, yes ran at the gunman! Not from him, not ducking behind something which nobody would of blamed her, but when she saw students in harm’s way she did what I hope I would have the courage to do in that situation. This is the type of heart and courage we all need to have, to run at it knowing that we may not come out the other side, but this is not how it goes down. I won’t ever let myself down again and you can’t either, this settling, this making things okay that just aren’t okay has led us down this path and now it feels like there is a black cloud hanging over all of us. We just can’t keep living this way, so starting today we must stand up and face ourselves, face our demons and face the future that is in front of us. We did this, we the people can fix this!


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