Make Them Have That Oh God Moment!

Make Them Have that Oh God What Did I Do Moment For Overlooking You!

Do you have any pride at all I guess would be the question at this point? What point is there going on if you have no point? If you are going to keep saying you are going to change and then don’t. The three C’s we talked about haven’t changed folks. Change, Choices and Chances are all we have in this life. We change and adapt because we want something or it makes us better. We make choices and sometimes they kill us, but they lead to new chances, as somebody said to me today, it is time to let it go. I have said over and over that I have, but I still think about it, and worse all that I lost I can’t have back and don’t in the end really want back, I see how miserable that I would be, but that still sometimes isn’t enough to trick our heart! The next time they see you; do you still want to be this broken mess trying to put it all back together? Or do you want to have put it all back together and show them that it would have been worth it to have a little faith in you? We all grow up and we grow apart from some people and grow closer to others, five years ago the people I am closest to now I barely knew and the people I was closest too then, well we don’t even speak anymore. It is hard sometimes to be and optimist, while life went on without me for so long and now here I am licking my wounds. I got everything that I deserved, I lived a mediocre life and I got mediocre. Now all the amazing things that I see in the world that I want and could have had if I had done something about it when I had the chance kill me. Where do we begin? I guess I could begin with the amazing opportunity in front of me and I can choose this time not to let it slip away. Because I think what I have a chance to grab onto could be amazing this time. No, I don’t think it, I believe it, if I will leave what I should alone and I come back Coby this time and make them have that moment, where they question everything they ever did to me. That is when my moment starts and I have put in the time I have paid my dues and the moment starts now, I can have it I can grab it and there sure as hell won’t be any oh God what did I do this time!


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