You Ever Get So High, You Forget To Get High?

  1. You Ever Get So High, You Forget To Get High?

It had probably been a month since I got stoned, so when I rolled into North Carolina today and ran into some people smoking a blunt, I thought why the hell not. I thought I haven’t written high in a month and I won’t have any let alone the money for any after I part ways with these people. I got so fucking high, when they sparked the second one, I forgot to get high and now here I am! Holy shit batman, how did I ever get anything done before? I think I smoked so much weed like Whiz that I may never come down. And now that I have, wow man I just want to eat and laugh. Nothing in my life is funny, I let this mother fucker go to shit, but it sure seems better when you’re high. I don’t have to care, I don’t have to give a shit, and nothing hurts. And maybe that is why I hid behind it so long and became a pot head for so many years. At some point after all that you did, you just want to become numb to all of it and forget about the pain. That just leads to the number one thing I have said all along. When you leave doors to your past open and don’t deal with them. Things will walk through them and pop up at the worst time in your future and deal with you! I got so high, I forgot to live my life and I didn’t notice or didn’t care to notice all the years that were passing me by. I didn’t listen to all the people saying what are you going to do about it; I just kind of laughed it off like I always do. So high, I didn’t realize that I was laughing my life off and pissing away the most precious thing of all. Time with those who mattered that I will never get back, oh what I would give for one more walk with my yellow lab Gus who carried me through so much and died of cancer at seven, can I just say real quick, FUCK YOU CANCER! I would have never rushed him so I could get to the bar and drink or run to a buddies house and get high, oh what I would have done in hindsight! Hindsight is bullshit, keep what matters wrapped up in your arms, let it know that it means the world to you, because while its funny getting so high that you forget to get high. One day you will come down from that high and then what?


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