Just Sitting…..

Just Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, Wasting The Day, Wishing You Still Mattered To That Someone!

Still haunts me, still wonder why I didn’t matter. I know I did my dirt, but who the fuck deserves to be done like that man? I could go wah wah on this one believe me, but as I see more children dying in other countries from Ebola and bodies being dropped off at hospitals at a ridiculous rate in Syria the time for woah is me has passed. The time to take aim at this mother fucker and do something about it is now upon us. I keep trying to be something I am not. I keep trying to fit other people’s mold and be what I am not, when what I am isn’t to damn bad! The worst thing you can do is sellout ladies and gentleman. Compromise yourself because some guy has a boat or money. Compromise yourself because at 42 that 22-year-old girl who is your daughter’s age will sleep with you, so you do it because you can. You do it because it is not like you are the first guy to do it and it’s not like you are breaking any law or anything. Its like telling your son to respect woman and then going out and cheating on his mother, yeah the second you compromise yourself it only gets easier and usually uglier. Know yourself, find yourself and make shit happen, or sit on the dock of the bay, wasting your days away wondering why it happened to you and why you never mattered. Because mother fuckers who matter make sure they matter. They don’t just show up and expect it to happen, they show up with a plan and make it happen. One change and I can have everything I want out of this life, one choice! Can I make it? Or am I going to continue to let this all haunt me?


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