Even If You Can’t See A Way And There Isn’t One. You Gotta Believe You Will Find A Way!

There are things we know, things we can prove and sometimes there are things that you just gotta believe in man! It ain’t believing in what you can or can’t do, what the world or someone is telling you that you can’t do. No it starts with one heartbeat, 5 a.m. Workouts and 6:30 a.m. Start taking care of business. It is the kid crippled up in the wheelchair back at home doing what he can rolling that wheelchair in the gym. He may never walk in his life, but don’t tell him that, don’t bring that shit to his door, because he doesn’t believe it. He believes in himself, and he told me this before I left and remember beyond being crippled in a wheelchair he can barely speak! He said,”even if you can’t see a way or there simply isn’t one. You gotta believe that you will still find a way.” That’s why I always make friends with the people who got dealt a shitier hand in life than I did, I learned in those three minutes a lifetime worth of knowledge! It ain’t about the cards your dealt or your situation, it’s turning deuces into Aces! It’s believing with your back against the wall and nothing going for you that there is still a way and then going out and making that way happen!


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