I Was Doing It!

I Was Doing It.

I wasn’t writing about it, I wasn’t bullshitting about it and running my mouth about it, it came the time for the checks to start being cashed and I was cashing them. I started backing it up and what was against me didn’t know what the fuck to do, it started backing up, and I gave it no choice! “It’s been a ride; I guess I had to go to that place, to get to this one. Now some of you may still be in the place, trying to get out. Follow me, I’ll get you there. Words are going to sting, we are disgusting, since I quit smoking the weed and really started paying attention, and every single one of us should be ashamed that nine million plus kids go to bed hungry tonight in the U.S. alone. Let’s cut the crap it is about money, just like it is with medicine, we waste so much that could help so many and I am afraid with our actions or inaction, we are wasting away with it all. I am not afraid this time to be exposed for what I was, if that leads me to what I am supposed to be, if that leads me to be the one who takes a stand against all this bullshit then so be it, I have fucking had enough. Fuck blaming Obama and all of those slick talking bastards, fuck blaming anybody, blame ourselves for letting it get this far and it is time to start accepting responsibility for what we have done, so we can deal with what is yet to come. I don’t want to live in a world with threat levels and Al Qaeda this year and ISIS next year. A world where one year it is Ecoli and a bunch of people die because somebody cut corners to save a buck and now it is Ebola and that is scary shit, so let’s start dealing with shit. Let’s stop passing the buck and letting it slide, before it all slides away and we slide away with it. We simply cannot and must not go on like this; we must do something not because we have to, because we can!


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