I Can See The Finish Line. And Those Finish Chicks Are Pretty Hot!

I Can See The Finish Line! And Those Finish Chicks Are Pretty Hot!

For the absolute first time in my life, out here on the road finding myself, I can say without a doubt I survived what it was throwing at me and I can see how to finish it. I can see the finish line, just like I said something was going to happen that was going to fuck it all up and make it harder. It was going to well, it wasn’t going to be that easy, when you are close, shit starts getting harder believe that! But for a second, I let it bring me to my knees, it looked bad like a few posts back when I broke my phone and shit was about to go down. For a couple of days it shook me and I couldn’t find a way around it and then the way found me. You see when at first you don’t succed, losers get discouraged and winners find a way around that bitch and it was a weird feeling. I had never chosen to be a winner before, the second stuff went bad, I went down with it and let it sink me instead of picking myself up and putting the gloves back on and taking a swing. Yeah that shot I took was pretty hard and I saw those little stars you see when you get your bell rung, but I took your best shot. And I like being the bad guy and I like taking a shot in the dark and walking off the ledge! I came back stronger this time, on this journey I saw what was inside of me, I can see it. Look into my eyes and you wont see the fear and the doubt anymore. Look into my eyes and you will see what it has cost me and what I have had to give up to get here. So look into these eyes and know that it cost me so much that finish line is in sight and this time I plan on crossing it. This is for everyone who can’t, for anyone who has ever had a dream and then had it crushed! For anyone who has chosen after that happened to stand up and put it all back together. I represent all those people, the ones who today finally realized what they are worth and that they deserve to be treated better. Backs to the wall, but it aint over mother fuckers, my lack of conscience might come in handy this time, shits going to get ugly, bad and dirty real quick, but I been there before and I didn’t know what I had until it was gone, but I plan on getting it all back when I cross that finish line and put myself back in play! And hey, it may get dirty, but having the shit kicked out of me some many times taught me one thing. Nobody plays fair, so sometimes you gotta play a little dirty to get shit done!


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