Finally, I Didn’t Come Out The Same This Time!

Yeah this time I am mad about it, this time the bitch who went in didn’t come out the same bitch expecting it to change, no he decided to be a man. What choosing to be a boy has cost turned out to be everything and while I wasn’t paying attention shit started slipping away. Fuck Stan, fuck a new plan, I had a plan the whole time, to take a line from YG and I ain’t apologizing “I’m the nigga with the plan.” Yeah I am the mother fucker who has had a plan the whole time but been afraid to put it in motion like a little bitch, but this time that little bitch died somewhere in the middle and when I came out the other side, it was like I was born again. Like I was baptized if that works for you and if it doesn’t well you do your thing and all do mine, because too many mother fuckers right now are worried about everybody else and not taking care of their own business! And now all that is left is to take care of business before business takes care of us. Forget the wars; forget the people dying and all the bad shit going on. Think about what we are doing to the environment with those bombs; think about what they are doing to the environment right now in China to make your iPad! All Gore wasn’t wrong, he may be boring as shit to listen to, but if one of us doesn’t step up and take care of business pretty soon, there may be no more business to save. I didn’t come out the other side of this bitch better this time for it to go down like this so I guess the only choice I am left with is be that mother fucker. Be who not I thought I was, but who I know I am. The mother fucker who walked through walls to pull it off, because he wanted it, what the fuck is the point in doing it if you are only going to go halfway? “This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.” Once, I thought I pissed it away, but just like everything else that I thought, I was fucking wrong, the opportunity is right in front of me right now! I still have everything I have ever wanted in my sights and I can prove to myself more than anything that I am not the loser I let myself become! Yeah shit is about to go down, because finally I came out the other side changed. I saw this today and it may help you too, “The three C’s of life: Choices, Chances and Changes! You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change!


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